Types of business loans and what business owners want

By TJ Ryan May 12, 2016

CANSTAR reveals what business owners in our database want and how many institutions offer it, based on our recent rating of business loans and overdrafts.


Commercial Property Loan – Important things to know!

By Dargan Financial Pty Ltd

In Australia it’s difficult to find information on the internet about commercial property loans. Policy terms and interest rates are rarely found on lender websites. Unlike normal home loans, the pricing of a commercial property loan is rarely set in stone and many of the terms can be negotiated.


15 Financial Terms Every Business Needs to Know

by John Boitnott

Entrepreneurs go into business with a variety of built-in skills. Some are natural salespeople, while others have the ability to come up with ideas that sell themselves. But while there may be a handful of entrepreneurs who are truly financially savvy, the majority cringe at the thought of preparing financial statements and managing their books.


Is a Small Business Loan Really the Best Decision for Your Business?

by QuickBooks

The growth of alternative lending has made taking out a small business loan a much faster and simpler process than it has ever been before. While that’s good news for entrepreneurs in need of financing, it also creates more personal responsibility than ever to make sure small business owners are making the smart financial choice in taking on business debt.